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Live Recording: Do What You Love! The Art of Designing, Running & Financing Your Business

  • Detroit Foundation Hotel Podcast Studio 250 West Larned Street Detroit, MI, 48226 United States (map)

Saturday, October 14th will be recording its Digital Business Bootcamp entitled "Do What You Love: The Art of Designing, Running & Financing Your Business" in the podcast studio of The Foundation Hotel.

11 AM to 4 PM

Most humans just want to do what they love and as a consequence entrepreneurs, for the most part, are experts at working IN their business but absolute amateurs at working ON the business.

What's interesting is that the structure of a business is exactly the same in all environments at all times. EVERY business and I do mean every last one has three basic functions; Sales, Operations and Finance. Stated in layman's terms:

The best businesses are structured on the front end to give something valuable to customers so that on the back end something of value is given to the business owners.

It sounds simple, but every top-tier business school, MBA program, and executive boardroom conversation are structured with that understanding. I know because I've been in all those environments AND run two other successful businesses.

During the recording, we will talk all about the things every entrepreneur should know. For example:

- Customers don't BUY your product or service...they HIRE it to do a job.  That is an important distinction and one that could mean the difference between success and failure
- Great businesses typically operate the same way a great narrative in a story does. They also have all the same elements. 
- You can learn to figure out how much your idea or business is worth within five minutes by using a simple math trick around sizing up a market.
- There are only 5 specific moves that any CEO, executive or entrepreneur can make to become profitable...we will discuss them all.

In addition to all those great points, attendees will have a chance to listen to the stories of other successful entrepreneurs in the city and get tax, accounting and legal advice from the experts we will interview.

Come dressed in your most fly gear as every attendee will get a chance to shout their business out on camera and provide their thoughts on the content.  We will even select one business in the audience to walk through our tools live on camera.

You. Do. Not. Want. To. Miss. This. Event.

- Walter Ward III, Founder