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How to Buy Stock (The Basics) & Invest Like a Wall Street Pro

  • Bamboo Detroit 1420 Washington Blvd Detroit, MI 48226 (map)

The richest 10% of America owns 76% of all the wealth in America. Most of that wealth is concentrated in real estate and the ownership of companies, via private equity and...the STOCK MARKET.

But YOU can LEARN how to buy those same companies and create generational wealth for you and your family.  In fact, you already know just haven't realized it yet. Buying stock can be as simple as shopping for your favorite brand of cereal or favorite pair of sneakers and we are going to show you how they relate.  

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 is partnering with to teach you the basics of buying stock! This information is so powerful that we encourage you to bring your wife, husband, teen, mother, aunt, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone who you consider part of your legacy.

What You Will Learn:

  1. - The 5 Myths & Truths about Money/Investing
  2. - The Basics of The Stock Market
  3. - The NEW Definition of Wealth for Millenials
  4. - How to Make Money When CEO's Make Bad Choices
  5. - How to Navigate a Recession
  6. - How Slavery Still Affects Black Wealth...and The ONLY Solution to Solve It
  7. - How to Find The Companies that UNIQUELY You Should Buy Stock In

We believe in EXPERTISE and learning from people who practice what they preach. Limitless was founded by Noble Woods, who we have had the pleasure of knowing for over 6 years. Noble has been an active full-time stock trader, investor, and entrepreneur for over 6 years. As part of the "Original Millenial" club, he is uniquely positioned to teach this course with mastery and make the subject relatable to all audiences. We are flying him to Detroit to do just that.