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The Double Hustle - How to Build a Profitable Side Business

  • Bamboo Detroit 1420 Washington Boulevard Detroit, Mi, 48226 United States (map)

In the United States, 44% percent of full-time Millennial employees and over 30% of all other full-time employees also do something entrepreneurial on the side. For some, its a matter of personal fulfillment or generating extra income for travel or fun, and yet for others its matter of survival; paying-off student loans and helping to make ends meet. No matter your reason for choosing #TheDoubleHustle lifestyle, it isn't for the faint of heart.

If you do it correctly, however, your side-hustle will make you a better professional and your job will make you a better side-hustler. To #DoubleHustle successfully, it takes a special set of skills and this workshop was created to teach them to you. We will show you how to build a thriving side business that can generate hundreds to thousands of dollars each month, all while you are fully engaged and thriving in your day job. We've done it.

The workshop is organized as follows:

Part 1: Defining Your Success - We will teach you to define who you want to be as a person, what you aspire to do and what you aspire to have over the next twelve months. We will guide you in using that information to frame what your side-hustle needs to be, while also teaching you to catalog your skills and turn them into side-hustle ideas that make money.

Part 2: Validating & Building Your Side-Hustle - I will tell you the story of how I built a side-hustle that afforded me a summer of weekend travel, paid off a car, and put a few extra thousand dollars in my pocket...all while working a demanding, full-time, MBA level job. I will use my story to teach you to validate your best ideas. Most importantly I will tell you how I was able to scale from 15 customers to 1,500 within 12 months and how you can do the same.

During this portion of the workshop, we will cover everything from business design, how to use system automation, creating digital products and using digital advertising.

Part3: "Guaranteed" Profitability - Profitability is simply what you sell minus your costs. Most entrepreneurs don't know that no matter your business size, there are only five moves that you can make that affect your profit. We will teach you all five moves, why they are important and how you can execute them to "guarantee" you make money.

This is one workshop you do not want to miss! Register via the link.

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