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How to Buy Stock - Basic Investing

The richest 10% of America owns 76% of all the wealth in America. Most of that wealth is concentrated in real estate and the ownership of companies, via private equity and...the STOCK MARKET.

But YOU can LEARN how to buy those same companies and create generational wealth for you and your family. In fact, you already know just haven't realized it yet. Buying stock can be as simple as shopping for your favorite brand of cereal or favorite pair of sneakers and we are going to show you how they relate.

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 is partnering with to teach you the basics of buying stock! This information is so powerful that we encourage you to bring your wife, husband, teen, mother, aunt, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone who you consider part of your legacy.

This 3-hour workshop is all about teaching people the basics of the stock market, explaining new trends like cryptocurrencies and showing people how to save, give and invest, starting with just five dollars and a smartphone.

Attendees Will Learn:

The Basics of "Stock"

The Difference Between Debt & Equity (Personally & in Investing)

The Basics of Crypto-Currencies Like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & Why They Matter

How to Start Investing with $5 dollars or less

How to evaluate an investment option

How to Create a Basic Personal Investment Plan

Attendees Will Leave With:

A Greater Understanding of How the Market Works

Knowing How to Purchase Stock & Invest Regularly (No Matter The Budget)

An Understanding of How to Set-Up an Investment Account

Knowing What to Do Next

Our instructor, Noble Woods has been an active full-time investor, financial educator, and entrepreneur for over 8 years. Noble is the founder of, an online platform that teaches students how to invest in the stock market while challenging their financial mindset. Based in Atlanta, Noble travels the country teaching about the importance of investing and building a financial legacy for your family.

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